Their Story

From Rescue to Rehabilitation

When a survivor enters Chaiim Foundation, she enters into a 3-year Rehabilitation Program where she gets inducted right from making safe and good decisions to earning a livelihood through the means of a job and having a safe house to be called home.


Some Figures

With trained and qualified staff at Chaiim Foundation till date, we've

rehabilitated about 195 survivors back to community

and at the present have

35 survivors in our program that need your support and help.

Rohini's Story

When Rohini (name changed) joined the Chaiim family, she was going through a terrible time.  Her life had left her hopeless and dejected. Her body screamed of physical abuse, with several bruises that had marked her skin which were done by her trafficker. Trafficked at a very young age, the memories of her childhood had left her scarred. 

The 18-year-old girl found the strength and courage to fight the demons of her past and join our Chaiim program that rehabilitates and restores survivors through a four-year program.

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Our Story

Two Best Friends on a Mission

We are two best friends, married and on a mission to make a difference in the lives of human trafficking survivors in India, and we just wanted to say thank you for every comment, every like, every share, and most importantly, for holding on to hope. It’s because of your support that we continue to empower women rescued from sex trafficking to follow their dreams. Because of you, we as an organisation continue to grow and we have been able to give hope to more broken lives than we ever imagined.

We Provide...







Your Story

How You can Partner with Us

We invite you to partner with our organisation through donating to, volunteering, and promoting our work at Chaiim Foundation.




We look forward to receiving your financial gifts.

Please note that only local and domestic donors can donate on Paypal.

For all International donors kindly contact us at contact@chaiimfoundation.org.

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Chaiim Foundation welcomes people to contribute their skills, time, talent and experience through our Volunteer Program.


Please fill in the attached Volunteer Application form and email the same along with your brief Resume / CV / Bio profile to contact@chaiimfoundation.org.


Do note that volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age and willing to commit time as required depending on the available opportunity.

Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing

In order to become self-sustainable and thus be able to continue our mission and vision, we founded a profit company – Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing. In this garment production house in Mumbai, we provide women survivors with dignified working opportunities.

As a B2B humanitarian business company, Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing exists to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from or are at the highest risk of human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities.

Although Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing is a business, all profits are retained and used exclusively for the social wellbeing of the survivors in terms of rehabilitation programs, so that in the future even more women will have the opportunity to choose freedom.

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We would love to stitch and sew your garments right from tiny orders to bulk orders.


The production house specializes in:

  • Garment Production (Men, Women & Kids)

  • Bags (Fabric)

  • Women Hygiene (Disposable & Reusable Pads


Thanks for submitting!


Chaiim Foundation is registered under the Maharashtra Public Trust Act 1950 – E29881 and is a NGO (Non Profit Organization) rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking and promoting the welfare of the marginalized, the poor, disadvantaged and exploited irrespective of religion, caste or gender. We achieve the same by giving attention to Reintegration, Rehabilitation and Restoration.